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Function A to 0, LLC, F(a-0), was founded in September 2015 as a collaboration of a mathematician and an artist in New York. We have since collaborated on building dynamic systems, creating specialized websites, developing brands for clients, building apps, and focusing on web development. We start from zero to construct a new take on web architecture that is both rational and innovative.


You Matter Design
Who You Are

You have a vision, brand, or creative aspirations, we have skills and a toolbox to bring your designs to the web and to mobile. Responsive design, UX design, and branding are just a few of things we do to make your vision a reality. Let design express your uniqueness.

  • Impactful Design

    When we begin a project, we are always attempting to make something any user with any amount of experience can use and still bring into it their personal influence. We try to illustlate the influence by using pure-coded design and animation.

  • Unique and Customized Design

    The majority of websites follow a template and many websites seem to be designed according to the same structural guidelines. We are trying to impart on to the web the unique voice of your business.

  • Responsive Design

    We make designs responsive to the multitude of different sized devices in the market today.

  • Ads

    For promoting your business, well desgined ads are nessesary. We start with researching the context for what you want to promote, and then tailor the design with that context in mind.

  • Visual / Graphic Design

    We create quality and targeted brand driven designs.

  • Logo

    Logos are the symbol of companies. Business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc. everything people connected to your business see, all carry logos. We can help design a good logo that catches people's attention and leaves an impression in a short amount of time.

  • Business Cards

    Business cards are a lasting and physical impression of you and your company. We design business cards to convey necessary information through a brand driven lens.

  • IOS / Web APP

    We have a skilled project team with development experience. We create an application with high operability, designability / functionality according to usage specific to devices.


Web Is Not Developed
Web Is Developing

People don’t fit into the same template, why should your website? By building from the server side up, we work hard to carry your individual identity seamlessly across multiple platforms from your website to mobile phones, tablets, and more.

  • No Template Here,
    We Build from Scratch.

    There are a lot of template websites in the world, and many people are limited by their experience to the abundance of this structure. What we try to do differently is build from zero using pure code to create an individualized, specialized, and personalized experience.

  • Impact the Web

    We construct from the server side in order to link the user with a more personalized, specialized and easy to use experience of the web. We approach the web from an artistic viewpoint not just from coding, so that we can create more possibilities for what we consider to be the web.

  • Maintenance Made Easy

    We are able to build a system where any user with any amount of experience can edit the backend to influence the front end interface. With a secure login system and an easily maintainable interface, we make systems so that any user can easily update, edit, or delete information as it changes.

  • Ecommerce Website

    We can open your shop online. We design a story of your product on the web, and create specialized designs and structures for you.

  • All that you need.

    We can help witth domain and server maintainenance, UI/UX design, and content. We provide all the elements you need for your business.

  • IOS / Web APP

    We have a skilled project team with development experience. We create an application with high operability, designability / functionality according to usage specific to devices.

  • Content Management Systems

    If you have the right management system, there is no need to deal with time consuming inefficiency. We can build the right system for your business.


The Heart Of The Matter

Content, content, and content is how people find you. We help you broadcast your message in the clearest and most targeted way possible. With content management, translation support and SEO services, we fine tune your words to bring your message to the right audiences.

  • A Focused Voice

    Ads, catalogs, your website, or whatever you choose as the entry point of your business, you need to have a clear and strong impact. We can help you create slogans that describe your business succinctly in an easy to understand way.

  • Clear and Content

    Content is the core information that defines your business online. Too long and complicated writing makes for bored customers. Too short and uninformative content makes for disinterested customers. We help illustrate your business with appropriate and targeted content.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO is the means by which new and returning users can find your business through online search engines. We help users easily search and find your website with SEO that highlights your company's relevant services and content.

  • Find your Target Users

    SEO is not only a strategy and technique to to get more traffic, but also more importantantly SEO is a compass that proactively leads the right users to your business.

  • Transform your Website

    We know that SEO is not easy, especially with such a competitive online sphere. We analyze your business model and website, to find multiple ways for users to discover your business.

  • Expand your Business for the Globalized World

    We help international companies itierate their native language content translated and geared toward an English speaking audience.


A to 0 Creative New York

+1 (646) 580-0057


1178 Broadway, New York, NY 10013